Numbers do talk indeed!
And this book will show you how.

You do not need the MARFIN software to benefit from the book. Using the software, however, provides the additional benefit of taking advantage of the latest digital technology.

This is a book especially for those who want to acquire a deep understanding of the marketing thought process and its creative application. It is a practical book guiding you through the key applications of the marketing process. Students as well as marketing practitioners will find it very useful in their everyday work and learning.

What's unique about the MARFIN system is how it analyzes generally available market data in different creative ways so as to provide you with a better strategic insight. The system leads you through the strategic thought process step by step and aids in formulating a successful plan.

The book provides a solution to common problems that are encountered in small or large companies. Often there is a lack of understanding about (1) what data was needed in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the marketplace, (2) once the data becomes available how to analyze it, and finally, (3) how to build a winning strategy based on the newly acquired knowledge. The MARFIN system helps you answer these questions.

MARFIN is a combination of the words marketing and financial. By creating a name from the combination of these two words for this new marketing management tool, the author wanted to emphasize the importance of the financial aspects and their consequences on the marketing strategy. Unfortunately, this interdependence has often been overlooked. Luckily, the tide is turning.

Marketing is in reality a logical, comprehensive thinking process – and the book builds on these aspects. It actually teaches the reader the marketing thought process. Students and business executives will find the book illuminating and helpful.

Projected publication date: 2020Table of Contents